About Us

The Synagogue for the Arts offers a full schedule of daily minyanim and Shabbat and holiday services, as well as educational, social and cultural programs. Our congregation encompasses tremendous variety. We are both many communities, and one.

Our building's award-winning architecture provides a remarkable space for prayer and meditation. It is a magnet, drawing in those souls seeking closer connection to their heritage.

The fabric of synagogue life is harmonious and intimate. Many functions within the congregation are handled informally. People take on projects and special events as the need arises and as they are so moved.

In addition to our traditional services, there are also special services organized by our women's group , community services organized and led by the congregation, holiday learner's services, and services for children.

As a traditional synagogue, we set a halachik bar of Jewish practice and provide opportunities for all to learn, letting the community find its own equilibrium. Our goal is to offer access, opening vistas of Jewish learning to those who have felt closed off from such learning.

Adult education takes many forms, including a regular Tanakh (the Hebrew bible) study group, as well as lectures and seminars. There are also informal opportunities for those who have had minimal Jewish education to gain a foundation. Our Hebrew School offers a warm and supportive setting combined with a challenging curriculum at every grade level.

On Shabbat we have a community kiddush, a sit-down meal (vegans accommodated!) where you can often hear conversations in several languages (sometimes in one conversation). We often sponsor relevant speakers and programs for Shabbat afternoon. Classes and groups are offered throughout the year on a variety of topics. The sanctuary has been the scene of wonderful musical performances.

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